Pleased Friendship 2019: Images, Cards, Quotes, Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Pictures, GIFs and Wallpapers day

Friendship Day is celebrated from the very first Sunday of August, each year. The concept of celebrating this originated from the US in the year 1935, but it soon became popular all over the world day.

From sharing clothing to sharing the largest secrets you will ever have, there’s absolutely no relationship such as for instance a relationship between buddies.

You’ll need: Buttons of various tints, glue, scissors, design pen and A4 that is colourful size. Steps to make: Take an A4 size sheet and fold it through the centre. Now create a flower by joining buttons that are colourful a group form. Make the leaves and stem by using a green design pen. Write a lovely relationship time message along with your card is prepared.

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