11 guidelines for Smart, Safe and Sexy Hookups

Setting up isn’t for all. According to your personality you may be pretty much more likely to reap the benefits of casual intercourse. But wherever you stay on that continuum, there are specific actions you can take to maximise your odds of taking advantage of your hookup experiences and minmise your likelihood of being harmed by them. If you’re having casual intercourse, below are a few items that assist ensure it is a good experience—rather than one regret that is you’ll.

1. Get it done for the best Reasons

Starting up for the best reasons, such as for instance being drawn to the person(s), experiencing horny, and wanting a wonderful, brand new intimate experience, can enhance your general health and pleasure. Studies have shown, nonetheless, that whenever you’ve got casual sex for the wrong reasons, your well-being suffers. A number of the incorrect cause of having casual intercourse include the need to feel much better because you’re too drunk to think clearly about yourself, being peer- or partner-pressured into it, believing the hookup was more than just casual, or doing it. Therefore yourself why you’re doing it and what you’re trying to get out of it before you hookup, ask.

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