Hulk Hogan’s intercourse tape, a Silicon Valley billionaire, and a $10m revenge plot to destroy Gawker

A storyline perhaps the Simpsons will have refused

Review It is always been feared that satire may be dead.

However the evidence appears to have found its way to reports that Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel is secretly funding a Hulk Hogan sex-tape legal instance against news socket Gawker included in a 10-year revenge dream for outing him as homosexual.

The Hogan situation had been a strange one: he had been filmed by their friend that is best, Bubba the like Sponge, and their spouse whilst having intercourse with her, and therefore tape later on discovered its solution to Gawker when Hogan along with his buddy had a falling out in clumps.

Gawker edited the tape that is 30-minute to 1 moment and posted it with an account that provided a mocking blow-by-blow account of this other 29 moments. Hogan sued, seeking $100m in damages, as well as in March a jury decided in Hogan’s benefit. A judge issued a $140m judgment against Gawker.

Where things grew also odder, nevertheless, ended up being the known undeniable fact that Hogan’s appropriate team particularly dropped part of their lawsuit that could have observed Gawker’s insurance provider get the tab. Along with which Hogan apparently refused a $ settlement that is 10m from Gawker to get rid of the actual situation going to trial.

Increasingly, it seemed as if the lawsuit’s primary focus was to ruin Gawker – which will not have $140m in assets and will have to file for bankruptcy in the event that judgement stands – rather than make up Hogan.

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